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Cara Saunders

Name: Cara Saunders

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Age: 25

When did you get into fitness:
I’ve always been into sport and fitness since I was a kid that’s how my parents brought me up. In high school I represented regional and state teams for hockey, swimming, cross-country and triathlon – I trained a lot and ate whatever I wanted! When I finished school I quit pretty much all of it. I stacked on about 12kgs pretty quickly eating the way I was used to. About 4 years ago my boyfriend took me to the gym and started teaching me weight training and the basics to nutrition. It changed my life and I’ve been an addict ever since. 

Favourite Athlete:
I actually get asked this all the time and I don’t have any favourites. It’s not that I don’t find anyone inspirational because I find SO SO many inspiring! But I find all types of people and athletes inspiring in their own ways and in their own sports – the way they train, the way they motivate themselves and their achievements!


  1. Orienteering with my family
  2. Adventure Sundays with my Boyfriend & pup
  3. Socialising - getting out & meeting new faces! 

Best tip:
Hmmm.. my best tip.. keep an OPEN mind, be sceptical, do your RESEARCH! There are so many theories out there and there are so many ways to do something or get somewhere. Don’t be scared to find your own way, don’t be scared to trial and error, to learn! Just make sure you are true to yourself, your morals and have fun along the way! Be PERSISTENT and CONSISTANT!